We are a team of passionate creatives and tactful strategists.

We are a team of passionate creatives and tactical strategists that bring brands to life. With diverse skill sets ranging from marketing strategy and content development to visual brand identity and media production, we bring a unique perspective to the table. 

  SAM MALIK     CEO; Creative Director     Photographer   |  UI/Web/Graphic Designer

SAM MALIK  CEO; Creative Director

Photographer |  UI/Web/Graphic Designer

  SHAUN YOUNG     Brand Manager     Brand Strategist   |  Digital Marketer

SHAUN YOUNG  Brand Manager

Brand Strategist |  Digital Marketer

  KAYLYN PARKER     Facebook Fanatic     Owner,  Social Media with Kaylyn

KAYLYN PARKER  Facebook Fanatic

Owner, Social Media with Kaylyn

  DARIN YOUNG     Wordpress Wizard     Audio/Videographer   |  Web Designer

DARIN YOUNG  Wordpress Wizard

Audio/Videographer |  Web Designer


"People don't buy what you do. They buy why you do it."



We love telling stories.

As TED prodigy Simon Sinek says, every company has a "What," and every company has a "How," but not every company knows their "Why,"– that is, what drives them to do what they do and to come to work on a daily basis. Viable products and sound execution are no longer enough to persuade a client or customer. Nowadays, emotion is what drives consumers, and the best way to connect to consumers' emotions is through brand storytelling. At Malik Media, we help you define your "Why," and from there, we make it known to your audience. Combining our skills in design, production, and marketing strategy, we build a compelling brand identity and messaging plan that resonates with customers and draws them toward your products or service offerings.