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Online Invisalign Evaluation

While considering the Invisalign procedure, many patients are sensitive to cost and will request a quote prior to any commitment. Providing an accurate quote for Invisalign traditionally requires patients to schedule an in-person evaluation, which tends to be a barrier of entry to potential Invisalign patients. With this in mind, we built a custom form that collects background information from prospective Invisalign patients and allows them to take their own photos for the evaluation and upload them online. By doing this, the practice is able to send the patient an accurate quote within 24 hours. Meanwhile, the practice conserves valuable appointment time and the patient avoids the need to make a trip to the practice.




Virtual Consultation 1

Each page contains a call-to-action, either in the sidebar area or the footer, prompting users to complete a Virtual Consultation.

Virtual Consultation 2

The purpose of the Virtual Consultation is to collect information from the potential patient that is relevant to the type of care they are looking for. As such, once they choose to take the consultation, they are asked to select the primary problem they are looking to have solved: broken / missing teeth, crooked teeth, dental pain, or the patient is in need of a new primary dental practice for themselves and/or their family.

Virtual Consult Mockup.jpg

Once the user chooses their primary problem, they are presented with a simple questionnaire that has questions specific to the given area of treatment. Upon submission, the information from this Virtual Consultation is automatically stored in a database as well as exported into a PDF that gets delivered to the practice's front desk staff, who then follow up with the patient.

Virtual Consultation 4

Upon submission, the patient's email address is automatically added to a specific email list based on which of the four main problems the patient selects in Step 2. The prospective patient is then sent four automated emails over the course of the 6-8 weeks following the submission of the consultation form. These emails are meant to "nurture" the lead and build trust so that the prospective patient eventually books an appointment. The four emails they receive will contain content specific to the issue they selected in Step 2; in the above example, since "Looking for my new dental home" was selected in Step 2, we know the patient is looking to switch dentists, so we send them information about the unique philosophies, payment plans and benefits of the practice to encourage them to follow through with the transition.


The Challenge

Aspen Hill Smiles is a family dental practice in Rockville, Maryland. With over a dozen dental practices in a one-mile radius of one another, Aspen Hill Smiles is located in one of the most highly competitive markets for family dentistry in the United States.

AHS engaged our team after undergoing a massive expansion, doubling their patient capacity. While they had a marketing budget to get new patients in the door, they had no idea how or where to spend it. Moreover, their website was being hosted and maintained by a group of "Dental Marketing Experts" that refused to let the client modify their own website without charging them for access.


Our Solution

While Rockville, Maryland is a competitive space for family dentistry, we came to learn that the majority of practice owners in the area were older dentists who had been in business for decades, the majority of their business coming from referrals. We saw this as an opportunity for Aspen Hill Smiles to implement paid digital marketing tactics that there competitors likely were not using, such as Google Adwords and Facebook Ads.

Sending paid traffic to a site that lacks aesthetic appeal or calls to action is equivalent to sending traffic to a brick wall. Before deploying any paid or organic campaigns, we completely revamped their website. Their new site reflects their updated brand identity and showcases several technical features we built to streamline their processes, including an online Invisalign evaluation and a virtual consultation to capture leads.

After launching their new website, we built and deployed a robust Google Adwords campaign as well several ongoing Facebook Ad conversion and retargeting campaigns, collectively generating between 65-70 new leads per month for the practice. In addition, our SEO Manager deploys monthly link-building campaigns to better optimize for search engines and enhance the practice's organic ranking in Google.