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The Challenge

Buddy Up Tennis is a nonprofit that teaches tennis to children and young adults with Down syndrome across the country. As they continue to grow and expand nationwide, they approached our team to create marketing collateral that is brand consistent and can be used to appeal to any crowd from athletes and coaches to volunteers and donors.

Our Solution

Buddy Up Tennis "changes lives through tennis, fitness, and fun." We decided to put extra emphasis on the "fun," utilizing Buddy Up Tennis's brighter brand colors and incorporating iconography to make the content within the booklet more visual and easier to navigate. To further convey the sense of activity, we made the booklet very photo-centric, specifically selecting photos that expressed visible movement and excitement. Amidst this process, we advised their team with copywriting in order to make their verbiage more appealing, consistent, and concise.

Services Rendered:

  • Messaging & brand strategy

  • Web design

  • Email marketing

  • Graphic design

  • Visual identity design

  • Event branding

  • Copywriting

“It is through Malik Media’s partnership that we have transformed from a local, organically grown non-profit to the nation’s leader in adaptive programming for individuals with Down syndrome. They are a comprehensive, strategic, and relevant outfit that drives our vision forward. Their team is emotionally vested in our mission, and they challenge us to see things we did not see, presenting new ideas, creative messaging, and cultivating our 10-year strategic marketing plan. From everyday design materials, to new technical platforms, to producing creative events and campaigns, their entire team consistently delivers above expectations. Their work has created real outcomes for us, including access to funds, new partnerships, and acceleration of our nationwide growth.”
— Beth Gibson, Executive Director