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Multimedia Graphic Designer



We are looking for a full-time multimedia designer to join our creative team. Candidate should possess a refined graphic design skillset and experience with various media to produce assets for both print and digital platforms. A fitting candidate should exemplify not only a willingness– but a deep excitement– to expand their arsenal of knowledge and skills by applying their core graphic design skills to new software or platforms such as Squarespace, Unbounce Landing Pages, Mailchimp and newer applications that emerge either through advances in technology or our clients’ varying needs.

While mastery of the Adobe Suite and a strong, diverse portfolio are essential to success with Malik Media, we value principled, curious designers with a honed aesthetic first and foremost– new software and platform-based skills can be learned on the job.

While this role reports directly to the Creative Director, contingent upon project size and timeline, larger projects may require collaboration and communication with multiple roles. For day-to-day collateral design or branding / web design projects that involve small business clients, this designer may be the lead executor and primary point of contact with the client from start to finish, providing a significant level of project ownership and creative input.

This is a remote position, though the designer may be asked to work in-person if based in Los Angeles or Columbus. 



  • Designing print pieces such as flyers, booklets, and other marketing / sales collateral

  • Designing email campaigns in a drag-and-drop editor such as MailChimp 

  • Analyzing written content and wireframing layouts prior to actual design for larger print pieces or web projects

  • Creation of icons and miscellaneous graphic assets for emails, websites, or social media

  • Developing logos, brand assets (e.g. business cards, etc.), and brand / style guides

  • Working within existing brand guidelines to create collateral that reinforces a brand’s style or voice through its multiple visual touchpoints

  • Designing presentation materials, slide decks, and interactive event materials

  • Designing ads and print mail campaigns for the purpose of brand awareness\

  • Designing landing pages using a drag-and-drop editor such as Unbounce Pages 

  • Building marketing websites using Squarespace

  • Creating mockups of physical collateral using Smart Object templates



| Necessary traits for this role:

  • Strong command of visual communication design principles and an innate understanding of visual design as a strategy for businesses, not merely a skillset

  • Ability to work on several projects simultaneously in a deadline-driven environment, consistently delivering high-quality results on time

  • Curiosity to understand complex industry-specific topics and help our clients communicate them in visually compelling ways that transcend the power of words alone

  • Appreciation for and ability to pick up on the evolving trends of design and their manifestation by industry-leading B2B and B2C brands

  • Desire to thoroughly understand the client objective, target audience, and underlying business goal of each assignment

  • Understanding of how design impacts the broader marketing strategy and an ability to refine other people’s ideas and actively contribute new ideas to further this strategy

  • Problem-solving mentality and an ability to employ “DIY” resources such as web searches or tutorials to help address client needs or pick up new skills and techniques on the fly

  • Excellent written and verbal skills to communicate with clients in a professional and persuasive manner

  • Comfortable working with a small team in a remote capacity

| Required Skills & Experience:

  • Expertise in Adobe Creative Suite

  • Robust, diverse portfolio

  • Experience in print and branding

  • Experience in web and/or UI / UX design

| Additional Skills & Experience (bonus but not required):

  • Experience / proficiency in either Squarespace, Webflow, or Wordpress

  • Ability to adapt to a brand voice to write small portions of copy where needed for design / layout purposes (e.g. writing a header to organize content on a flyer).

  • Past experience in a remote agency

  • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS



Shoot your shot– we’d love to see what you’ve got.