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The Challenge

Previously known as Matters of the Cart LLC, Cartology is a former solo consultancy turned full-service Amazon growth agency, serving product brands across the globe.

The firm approached us during a period of repositioning and growth, expanding both their service offerings and team. Amidst their efforts to form partnerships with larger digital firms as well global brands taking to Amazon, they needed a complete brand overhaul to better communicate their speciality in the Amazon niche, as well as demonstrate the credibility and capacity of their now 9-person team.

Our Solution

The first step in our engagement was renaming the brand to be more concise, timeless, and memorable. After several iterations, we ultimately landed on Cartology because of its dual meaning. In one sense, the “ology” ending– Greek for “the study of”– coupled with “Cart” implies the agency’s expertise across the vast and complicated world of online shopping, without leaning on the word “Amazon” (in case they decide to expand their offerings into other online marketplaces). In a similar sense, the literal meaning of cartology is “the study of maps,” which alludes to their ability to help sellers both navigate the complex world of Amazon and chart a path to success.

Following the naming process, we developed a visual identity centered around a unique logo that doubles as a letter mark and an icon. We then extrapolated this iconographic style into the website. Knowing that the 9-person Cartology team is distributed across the globe and does not have the luxury of taking in-person photographs, rather than waste digital real estate on generic stock imagery, we used icongraphy to convey these key messages, also making the site more easily scannable for mobile users.