The Challenge

Ecolab is a global provider of hygiene technologies for the food and hospitality industries, as well as the primary distributor of KissKleen, a patented tool for cleaning glassware.

For Ecolab, every KissKleen product sold equates to sales of their complementary cleaning solutions, creating additional annuities and expanding wallet-share for their existing customer base.

However, with KissKleen being new and lacking the brand name of several other decade-old cleaning tools, they needed a simple and effective way to communicate the value of the tool to both hospitality managers as well as sales reps who are already inundated with hundreds of other products to sell.

Our Solution

Internally, knowing that Ecolab’s sales reps are already inundated with hundreds of products to sell, we knew we needed to create a piece of collateral that was concise and easily scannable, so it wouldn’t get ignored in the mix of other product sell sheets. In addition to conveying the benefits of the glass washer for their existing customers, we also needed to convey the unique incentive to the sales reps themselves: if they sell more KissKleen glass washers, they will sell more cleaning solution too, a sale that creates annuities for them. With these points in mind, we created a bifold sell sheet, writing copy and organizing the layout to cover these points, designing it in such a way that it could also be distributed directly to customers.

To aid Ecolab with consumer sales, we took some of the core benefits from the sales collateral and created a custom email campaign tailored to hospitality managers, highlighting points such as ease-of-use, recouped savings from eliminated drink repours, as well as logos of major brands already utilizing their product.