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The Challenge

Floriss Group is a U.S.–based, global sales consulting firm that serves a wide variety of modern Technology and B2B sales teams.

Floriss engaged our team after spending several months carrying out an internal audit of their brand position and developing an in-depth analysis of their competitive environment. They needed help in both crafting and executing on a marketing activation strategy to position their brand for the next decade. 

From their research, they pinpointed a need for a revamped visual identity that reflected the unique energy and personality of their organization. They also saw a need for the implementation of technology to streamline the delivery of training resources to their clients aid in lead generation. 


Our Solution

Our engagement began with multiple group sessions / calls in which our team asked a series of analytical questions designed to uncover the essence of Floriss as an organization. From our research, we gathered that the people, the positive energy, and the trust are what separate Floriss from competing firms. Hence, we built a visual identity for Floriss that was reflective of these traits in every element from our color palette to the photographs we staged.

While creating a development plan for Floriss' new website, we started by pointing out the weaknesses in their previous site. In particular, their prior site lacked technical efficiency. The site only had one contact form, for which none of the responses aggregated into a central lead database. Moreover, they had no simple way to deliver free resources or paid training content to prospective customers and paying clients alike; instead, they were individually sending these materials to hundreds of people via manual email.

Using these weaknesses as opportunities to create competitive advantage, we built numerous inbound lead capture forms, using email automation to give away free white papers and assessments to clients in exchange for their contact information, which gets fed into a database separating leads by industry. We also built out a fully-functional client training portal using the Wishlist Member software, allowing Floriss to protect their intellectual property and deliver it in a safe and efficient manner that is easy for their clients to use.


Our rebranding experience exceeded our every expectation. The Malik Media team are creative professionals that are fun and inspiring to work with. They adhered strictly to the timeframe we set, and we are extremely pleased with our final product, which has helped increase our profile and company.

What has impressed us the most is that since the project ended, not only do we have a new company name, visual brand, and website, but we now have a clear direction and strategic position for our firm. As a company, we were able to find our true north.
— Sarah Lee, Principal