The Challenge

My Special Word is a not-for-profit program with the aspiration of inspiring young people to think about the wonderful people they are and that they hope to become through the use of positive words. MSW engaged our team at a time of rapid growth to rebuild their formerly outdated website. In the process of forming multiple strategic partnerships with national organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, Junior Achievement, and KIPP, they were in need of a professional web presence.

They also needed a mechanism for connecting online donations, selling books, as well as collecting grant application submissions.

Our Solution

Utilizing their existing blue and orange color scheme, we gave their brand a refreshing. We began by updating their logo by switching to a more playful typeface, then bringing the bright orange color to the forefront of their website to reflect the brightness and high energy of the young children the MSW team inspires every day.

While building the site, we knew that we wanted the children to be the focus of the site, as their smiles are truly contagious and can prompt donors, partners, volunteers, and schools to take action. Hence, we provided them with a photo shoot before building the site so that we would have an arsenal of high quality images to use for the website and for them to use in any future marketing collateral.

“Malik Media is an absolutely outstanding firm with incredible expertise in the areas of marketing and branding solutions. Their team brought innovative and creative ideas and approaches to our organization, My Special Word, which contributed in a meaningful way to our success. Throughout the process, they were extremely responsive to our evolving needs. They were proactive in their thought processes and delivered high quality services and results consistently.

Furthermore, they truly went “above and beyond” what was expected and participated in our partnership always with a strong focus on, and commitment to value. Of all of the many things that impressed me about Malik Media (and there are many things), I was most impressed by their desire to fully engage with our team. Kudos to Sam and his amazing team. Thank you for helping to make My Special Word – “special”. I would recommend Malik Media 365 days a year.”
— Dwight Smith, Executive Director