The Challenge

Ohio Equities is a commercial real estate and property management company that manages residential communities throughout central Ohio.

The company engaged Malik Media after hiring a local web development agency to build websites for six of their homeowner’s associations– a process that took them over a year to complete. Upon launch, not only did the client lack an easy way to access and edit content, they were also receiving incessant complaints from residents about the sites not functioning properly, important information being missing or inaccurate, as well as poor design that did not match the design standards of each community.

Our Solution

We began our engagement by completing a thorough evaluation of each website as well as assessing the complaints from residents; in doing so, we identified several issues with their process for receiving architectural review submissions. Thereafter, we helped them design a streamlined process that makes it easier for residents to make submissions and for the property managers to process them.

To implement this solution, we completely rebuilt each website in a content management system (CMS) that is fully-responsive, requires less maintenance, and makes editing content simple and accessible.

In this rebuild process, we were intentional about making each site feel like it belonged to its given community. We researched city websites and brands guidelines, used Google Maps to observe styles of street signage, and even pulled inspiration from local clubhouse and golf club websites within each community. The result was six highly-functional websites, each with an aesthetic unique and belonging to its given community.

In an effort to alleviate complaints due to the previously difunctional websites, we executed this entire process from start-to-launch in less than three weeks.