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The Challenge

The OFPN is made up of interested people and organizations who share values and a common vision for improving Ohio's food system.

With a core focus of the organization being the advancement of food-related policy, the group needed to build a brand around their efforts to create credibility when meeting with lawmakers and other key stakeholders.

With another goal being the recruitment of new members, the OFPN needed a website built to function as a hub for attracting new members and fostering existing membership.

Our Solution

Working with the Ohio Food Policy Network truly allowed us to think outside the box and build the brand completely from the ground up– in less than two months.

We began our engagement by designing a visual brand identity for OFPN– one that was simple, earth-toned, and clearly conveyed association to food, farms, and the state of Ohio without being cliche. This visual identity laid the foundation for the remaining assets we crafted, including the website and multiple print reports.

Following the identity design and the print reports, we developed a website for the network. Knowing that the site would be a hub for existing members to connect with one another, we built them an interactive map directory separated by Ohio counties, allowing members to easily search for other councils to connect based on location, interest, and areas of expertise. We also built a dynamic event calendar for the network to easily organize and manage conferences, summits, local meetings, and webinars.

“I would strongly recommend working with Malik Media. From our first interactions, they answered all my questions with warmth, enthusiasm, and clarity. Sam and his team were thorough and consistent in following up with details, from the beginning stages of planning to wrapping up the final touches of the projects. The team’s design work is beautiful and creative, and our website is competently crafted. I’m always excited to share it with others. With our website launched and reports printed, I feel we couldn’t have put our work in better hands to develop something polished and beautiful.”
— Meredith J. Krueger, Food Policy Council Coordinator