We are a team of passionate creatives and tactful strategists.

With diverse skill sets ranging from marketing strategy and content development to visual brand identity and media production, we bring a unique perspective to the table. 

SAM MALIK     CEO; Creative Director     Photographer   |  UI/Web/Graphic Designer

SAM MALIK  CEO; Creative Director

Photographer |  UI/Web/Graphic Designer

SHAUN YOUNG     Brand Manager     Brand Strategist   |  Digital Marketer

SHAUN YOUNG  Brand Manager

Brand Strategist |  Digital Marketer

KAYLYN PARKER     Facebook Fanatic     Owner,  Social Media with Kaylyn

KAYLYN PARKER  Facebook Fanatic

Owner, Social Media with Kaylyn

DARIN YOUNG     Wordpress Wizard     Audio/Videographer   |  Web Designer

DARIN YOUNG  Wordpress Wizard

Audio/Videographer |  Web Designer