The Challenge

ProteoSense is a biotechnology company with an rapid-scanning device that makes it faster and easier than ever to test food for waterborne pathogens.

Experts in biology but not in storytelling, their team of scientists engaged us to create a pitch deck to present their technology to investors at an invite-only SXSW competition.

Our Solution

Initially engaged for design only, we quickly identified that the client-proposed content was too heavy on industry jargon and would be difficult to grasp for a nonscientific audience. Keeping the end goal of the client in mind– i.e. to persuade investors and win the competition– we knew we needed to find a way to make anyone in the audience, scientific or not, care about the research and understand its groundbreaking impact. Using a narrative approach, we began by completely re-ordering and rewriting the content, simplify industry lingo and inserting relevant examples of current food recalls (e.g. Chipotle, romaine lettuce) to better frame the context of the research and make it easier for laypeople to understand its implications. Finally, we brought this content to life through design, creating an on-brand slide deck and simplifying complex scientific diagrams into easy-to-follow graphics.

Using this pitch deck, Proteosense came in second place at SXSW.