The Challenge

Real Producers, a trade magazine for the top producing real estate teams and affiliates, hired us to photograph their top producing agents for full page spreads and front cover features. We've all seen the typical realtor photo: a tense pose, white backgrounds, and overly airbrushed faces that make the subjects look artificially younger. They hired us to capture the opposite. They instead gave us the open-ending yet extremely exciting task of finding a creative way to photograph realtors while maintaining professionalism, and doing so in such a way that magazine readers would be engaged and enticed to read the magazine.

Our Solution

In a world where realtors often blend together in magazine ads, billboards, and bus bench advertisements, we knew we had to find a way to make each individual agent stand out in a way that remained true to their personal brand yet interesting to readers. From Ryan Ruehle posing with boxing gloves in his fitness studio, to Alan Hinson taking drone videos of his top homes, to Wanneese Brown taking selfies with her clients (whom she considers family more than clients), we combined our storytelling skills with our photography skills to capture the uniqueness of each subject.

Services Rendered:

  • Portrait photography
  • Lifestyle photography