RxNXT Website Mockup


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The Challenge

RxNXT is a platform for large enterprises to incentivize employees to take advantage of the lowest cost prescription drugs available, in effect reducing their healthcare costs.

We were engaged to create a visual identity and website for the company’s sales team to utilize in approaching prospective clients as well as partners looking to white label their solution.

Our Solution

Our engagement began with the creation of a distinct visual identity, embodied by a type mark symbolic of the innovation and forward thinking that birthed the RxNXT platform. Characterized by its bright, electric colors, the identity stands apart from the sterile greens and blues typically used in the pharmaceutical space, evoking feelings of newness and difference upon first glance. Playing on the theme of a “new wave” of pharmaceutical technology, the site follows a free-flowing form from top to bottom, utilizing abstract shapes, overlapping sections, and curvatures.

Provided mostly technical copy from the client, we helped RxNXT reorganize and elevate their written content to be more concise and to make the benefits of the software easier to grasp for decision makers browsing the site prior to a sales meeting or call.

As a founder not gifted with an ounce of useful design prowess, I didn’t need someone to simply bring my vision to life, but rather a marketing partner that could create a vision I didn’t know I had. Malik Media’s partnership initiation and design process is detailed, thoughtful, and well organized. The end product looks fantastic, and has allowed myself and our sales team to direct prospective customers to our website with complete confidence.
— Mark Stetson, Founder & CEO